Takeaway Food Packaging

Takeaway Food Packaging

Takeaway food packaging is becoming ever more popular as many food businesses are now expanding their offering with a takeaway service. Takeaway food trucks are now found all over Ireland and are very popular with tourists who want to enjoy good Irish food whilst taking in the fabulous Irish scenery. If you’re looking to revolutionize your packaging, then why not take a step towards better business practices, with our environmentally friendly takeaway food packaging? Here at Robert McCabe, we’ve been selling high quality sustainable food packaging since the year 2000, after more than seven decades of our company being operational.

We’re passionate about meeting the high demand for paper and cardboard products across the world, as we know how important it is to make smart and environmentally beneficial choices with our packaging. If you want to know more about our sustainable packaging, then we are here to help. At Robert McCabe Packaging we supply a wide range of compostable takeaway packaging options suitable for many food businesses. Please see our range below.

Our Range of Compostable Takeaway Food Packaging

  1. Bagasse Meal Boxes
  2. Kraft Salad Bowls
  3. Kraft Bio-Boxes
  4. Fish and Chip Boxes
  5. Nested Takeaway Boxes
  6. Compostable Coffee Cups
  7. Cake Boxes
  8. Soup Cups

Environmentally friendly packaging is a bit of a buzz word at the moment, but it has become increasingly important over the last few decades. For the sake of the planet and the future of humanity it is important to limit our use of single-use materials and invest in using recyclable and eco-friendly alternatives. So much of our shopping is now sent via a delivery service, and ensuring that there is minimal waste is so important for the planet. We’re dedicated to using materials and manufacturing techniques to reduce the harmful impact that packaging has on the environment.

Our eco-friendly packaging has been designed to be biobased, biodegradable and recyclable, minimizing the need for more resources to be used up. With this as our core aim, we hope to use our environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the volume of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. We work with a variety of customers from different industries, who have all benefited from our eco packaging, particularly the food and beverage industry.

We’re careful to balance the needs of sustainable packaging with their ability to decompose. This is a fine line because, like a paper straw, you don’t want it to dissolve before you finish using them. On the other hand, using too much material or using more chemicals than necessary will slow the recycling or decomposition process. Neither of which are ideal. This is why our more than two decades of experience has made us a great choice for you. We have developed high quality eco packaging that you will love and your business will benefit from. With the ideal combination of materials, we can ensure that our products last… just not too long!

Want to know more?

If eco packaging takeaway food packaging sounds right up your alley, then why not get in touch with us today? We can help you to find the right packaging for you and your business, an ideal step to help you expand and develop. You can purchase your eco packaging through our website, but if you’re having trouble feel free to contact us directly on (041) 983 8216.