Have You Been Trying to Find Boxes for Sale?

If you’re looking for boxes for sale, then you’re in the right place. Here at Robert McCabe, we’ve been selling quality packaging solutions for over half a century, ensuring that we offer our customers quality products for their businesses. Over the last twenty years, we’ve been focused on our cardboard boxes for sale, which are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging, which has previously been used.

We know that for many consumers this doesn’t make much of a difference, it certainly doesn’t make any difference to the products inside the cardboard boxes, but we believe that it’s important to make small and sustainable shifts in our use of resources, and providing environmentally friendly boxes is just one of them.

Why choose cardboard boxes over plastic packaging?

There are many reasons why, when looking for boxes, you should seriously consider purchasing cardboard ones. Cardboard is made from paper, which is a renewable resource that comes from timber. This means that we can keep making more of it long into the future as regrowing trees is something that is easily and commonly done. At our company, the cardboard boxes are made mainly of recycled paper already, meaning that it is already a benefit to the environment. Plastic on the other hand, is made from fossil fuels, which are a finite, non-renewable resource that is created using a rather polluting technique. This means that not only is the creation of plastic unsustainable for future generations, but it also causes damage to the environment just to make and mould into the right shape.
cardboard boxes

But can they offer the same protection?

When our customers are browsing our boxes, they often question whether or not cardboard can offer the same protection as plastic. This is asked because plastic offers exceptional protection, especially because they can be moulded into the perfect shape for each product, keeping the package safe from damage. Cardboard on the other hand, is made from paper, and can lose some of its structural integrity if left out in the rain for too long. However, this is not really the whole truth of the matter.

Our boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and treated with a protective coating that makes them water resistant, while not impinging on its ability to be recycled or to decompose. Corrugated cardboard is a great material because its three layers have the ability to cushion products, offering them similar high load capacities, toughness and rigidity to their plastic counterparts.

Want some boxes of our own?

If you need some reliable, affordable and, most importantly, environmentally friendly packaging. Then why not browse through our boxes for sale to find the right one for you? Our variety of sizes means that you can find the right shapes to suit you and your products, ideal for whatever industry you work in. Feel free to make your purchase through our website or contact us directly on (041) 983 8216 or rmccabeltd@gmail.com if you have any issues.

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