Compostable Bagasse Food Boxes

Compostable Bagasse Food Boxes

We have introduced a new range of compostable takeaway food boxes for the foodservice industry. These takeaway food boxes are made from sugarcane bagasse which is a compostable material left behind in the sugarcane harvesting process. These bagasse boxes are sturdy, microwaveable, compostable food packaging made from plant based renewable resources. All of our bagasse food boxes shave attached hinged lids allowing food to stay hot for longer.

Benefits of Bagasse Packaging

  1. Fully compostable material
  2. High temperature tolerance
  3. Strung and sturdy material
  4. Microwave safe

Our Range

Bagasse Burger Box 6 x 6inch

Our bagasse burger box is very popular with food vans and street food vendors to sell and present burgers to customers. These burger boxes are 6 x 6inches in size and are sold in cases of 500 units.

Bagasse Meal Box 9 x 6inch

Our 9 x 6inch bagasse meal box is the most popular of our bagasse range due to its ability to hold a wide range of takeaway foods. This meal box is 9 x 6inches in size and is sold in cases of 600 units. This takeaway meal box can hold many foods including burritos, curries and fish and chips making it popular with takeaway food trucks.

Bagasse Meal Box 8 x 8inch

Our 8 x 8inch bagasse meal box is a square shaped meal box that is ideal for holding large meals due to its wide shape. This meal box is 8 x 8inches in size and sold in cases of 200.