Paper Bags With Handles

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Paper carrier bags with handles are an important aspect of a retailers image. You want your paper bags to be a reflection of your brands image which means that you need top-tier packaging. If this is the case, you could do a lot worse than to place a bulk-order for quality paper carrier bags with handles from Robert McCabe. For a comprehensive rundown of our wonderful selection of options, we suggest that you speak to our support team directly by giving us a call on 041 983 8216.

Benefits of paper bags with handles

Although you might see them on a regular basis, some of you may still be a little ignorant as to the various reasons that paper bags with handles are used for transportation purposes. Having supplied products such as these for countless years, the Robert McCabe team are well-suited to shedding some light on the matter.

First-and-foremost, despite the fact that they are lightweight, these paper bags are surprisingly durable, and can easily tackle heavy loads without any fear of breaking. Whether you find yourself in the food industry, or are simply looking for something which will be able to handle long transportation trips, brown paper bags with handles will not let you down. All of you have to do is ensure that you choose a size that is sufficient for the products that you are planning on putting inside.


What can we at Robert McCabe Packaging offer you?

When you come to Robert McCabe, you give yourself the opportunity to gain access to a wide-array of packaging materials, all of which are first-class from a quality perspective.

To us, it does not matter if units which can handle the demands of deli-related foods, or you are trying to make a conscious effort to improve your carbon footprint by using environmentally-friendly paper bags. Our main focus revolves around leaving you with a smile on your face.

Our Range of Paper Carrier Bags

  1. Brown
  2. White
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Orange
  7. Cerise
  8. Purple
  9. Black

Who are we at Robert McCabe Packaging?

If you are reading this, and have had no prior contact with us in the past, it is only natural that you want to learn a little more about us as a company. Here at Robert McCabe, we first opened our doors for business in 1930 – this immediately gives us an advantage over the rest of our competitors, courtesy of our wealth of experience. As you have already seen, there is no-shortage of products like our kraft paper bags, counter bags and gift bags from which you can choose from within our catalogue; we are always looking to cater to the needs of our clients, regardless of what they may be.

Should you still be a little unsure regarding whether or not you should elect us to be your brown paper bags with handles supplier, please take a moment to look over our Google Reviews; we believe that these will give you an accurate insight as to the experience that you can expect as a customer.