Custom Made Cardboard Boxes

Custom made cardboard boxes made to your exact requirements in single wall or double wall cardboard. These cardboard boxes can be produced in white or brown and can be branded with your company logo. At Robert McCabe Packaging we can produce many different types of boxes including storage boxes, moving boxes and gift boxes. If you would like to get a quote for branded cardboard boxes please visit

Benefits of Branded Boxes

  • Increased Brand Recognition: Branded packaging will help your business and products to become more visible and will help you stand out from the competition
  • Saves Money On Advertising: With branded packaging your brand will constantly be in the limelight without having to spend money on costly advertising
  • Builds Customer Loyalty: Branded packaging will help to give customers a good first impression of your business
  • Increased Sales: The increased advertising generated from branded packaging will help you acquire more customers and increase sales

We pride ourselves on our diverse selection of packaging and cardboard boxes, which offers both standard and eco-friendly products for those businesses and organizations who are looking to reduce their impact on the environment. For example, we introduced compostable coffee cups in 2018 and they have now become one of our best selling products, often being sold to many coffee shops and deli’s throughout our local area and beyond. Should you be looking for cardboard boxes for sale, then get in contact with Robert McCabe today to see what we offer.

Should You Buy Single Wall or Double Wall Cardboard Boxes?

Here at Robert McCabe, we can supply clients with single wall or double wall cardboard boxes. For smaller, lightweight items we advise using single wall cardboard boxes as these are better value when it comes to packing and shipping your products. Double wall cardboard boxes are stronger more rigid boxes which are suitable for shipping and storing large heavy items. For these types of items you will need a strong card box to be sure that your product is protected during shipment.

Minimum Order Quantities: 200 – 600 Boxes Depending On Size Required

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